Posted On: Sep 12, 2023

Cost Anomaly Detection uses machine learning to continuously monitor, detect, and alert customers of anomalous spent pattern. Starting today, Cost Anomaly Detection users with a management account will be able to create up to 500 custom anomaly monitors to track spend in their account(s). A custom anomaly monitor allows a user to track AWS spend across either linked accounts, cost allocation tags, or cost categories.

Until today, users with a management account could create up to 100 custom anomaly monitors that tracks spend by linked accounts, cost allocation tags, or cost categories. While this limit is sufficient for many customers, there are larger organizations that need more anomaly monitors to track their complex account and resource structures. With the new limit, users can better monitor for cost anomalies across their organizations, preventing runaway spend and bill shock. Users will still be able to run one AWS Service monitor in their account, bringing the total number of anomaly monitors available to users to 501 in total.

The increase of number of custom anomaly monitors is available in all AWS commercial regions, excluding GovCloud. To enable Cost Anomaly Detection please go to the AWS Cost Management console or read more at Setting up your anomaly detection. You can get started with Cost Anomaly Detection at no additional cost. To learn more, visit the Cost Anomaly Detection documentation.