Posted On: Sep 20, 2023

Today, AWS announces the general availability of Swift Package Manager (SwiftPM) support in CodeArtifact. Swift is the language of choice for developing applications on the Apple platform, and the Swift Package Manager is used to distribute source code in the Swift ecosystem. With SwiftPM support in CodeArtifact, developers can publish and download their Swift package dependencies to their CodeArtifact repository.

CodeArtifact implements the HTTP-based registry protocol for SwiftPM defined in Swift Evolution proposal 0292. Prior to SE-0292, SwiftPM could only consume dependencies stored in Git repositories. Now, packages can be stored outside of Git in a package registry, providing improved build reproducibility, efficiency, and performance. SwiftPM can consume packages stored in Git repositories and package registries as part of the same application build, avoiding the need to migrate all dependencies into registries up front. CodeArtifact SwiftPM works with existing clients such as XCode and the swift CLI. Once packages are stored in CodeArtifact, developers can reference these package dependencies in CodeArtifact with their existing tools.  

CodeArtifact support for SwiftPM is available in all 13 CodeArtifact regions.

To learn more, see AWS CodeArtifact.