Posted On: Nov 17, 2023

Today, Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server announced Point in Time Recovery (PITR) support for up to 1000 databases, an improvement over the previous limit of 100 databases. PITR enables users to restore databases to specific point in time within their retention period, ensuring enhanced disaster recovery capabilities. 

As part of this enhancement, RDS Custom performs transaction log backups every five minutes for a maximum of 1000 databases on various instance class types. The specific limit depends on the instance class, ranging from 100 for the smallest to 1000 for the largest. 

With RDS Custom's increased limit on the maximum number of PITR-able databases, you can safeguard a larger number of databases, streamlining your backup processes and ensuring data integrity. This upgrade provides protection against any disasters for your critical data and empowers you to focus on what matters most, all while reducing administrative overhead. 

To get started with RDS Custom for SQL Server for using more than 100 databases PITR , visit the AWS Documentation. See Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server Pricing for up-to-date pricing of instances, storage, data transfer and regional availability.