Posted On: Dec 21, 2023

AWS Config now supports 1000 AWS Config rules per Region per account. AWS Config rules, available as predefined managed rules and or as user created custom rules, enable you to define policies that govern cloud resource configurations to meet your compliance requirements. AWS Config continuously tracks the configuration changes that occur among your resources and reports if these changes do not comply with the conditions in your rules.

This rule scale increase enables you to apply additional granular polices without worrying about limiting the scope of compliance. This increase applies to the total of all deployed rules including AWS Config managed rules, AWS Config custom rules, AWS Config conformance packs, AWS Security Hub controls, AWS Firewall Manager policies and AWS Backup backup plans per Region per account.

To view a complete list of all AWS Config managed rules in all supported Regions, see the AWS Config Managed Rules by Region page. To learn more about AWS Config service limit documentation, visit the Service Limits page.