Posted On: Dec 12, 2023

Today, AWS announces the general availability of managed package repositories in Amazon CodeCatalyst. CodeCatalyst customers can now securely store, publish, and share npm packages. Through your CodeCatalyst package repositories, you can also access open source npm packages from the npm registry. Your packages remain available for your development teams, should public package registries become unavailable from other service providers. To increase security and help protect organizations against dependency substitution attacks, CodeCatalyst also provides package origin controls to limit how new package versions can enter CodeCatalyst package repositories.

Amazon CodeCatalyst helps teams plan, code, build, test, and deploy applications on AWS. CodeCatalyst CI/CD workflows are integrated with package repositories, removing the need for customers to configure package managers to authenticate with the repository.

To learn more, check out our documentation on packages in CodeCatalyst,or visit our webpage.