Posted On: Jan 25, 2024

Today, we are excited to announce the introduction of new IPv6 instance bundles on Amazon Lightsail. With these new instance bundles, you can get up and running quickly on IPv6-only without the need for a public IPv4 address with the ease of use and simplicity of Amazon Lightsail.

The continued growth of the internet is exhausting public IPv4 addresses, while IPv6 provides sufficient addresses for current and future global internet use cases. IPv6 is becoming the default in many new network configurations globally. With this capability, you can start experimenting with IPv6 and launch your new IPv6 web applications. If you have existing Lightsail instances with a public IPv4 address, you can migrate your instances to IPv6-only in a few simple steps.

You can create IPv6 instances in all AWS Regions where Lightsail is available.

To learn more about IPv6 bundles, please read this announcement blog post or Lightsail documentation.