Posted On: Jan 11, 2024

Today, AWS made available on GitHub for public comment, the Open Job Description specification for describing portable render jobs. Open Job Description (OpenJD), lets you describe the work instructions and asset locations for visual compute render farm jobs in a way that is extensible and open to help you create interoperable pipelines. OpenJD specifies a structured format that is human and machine readable for ease of development. OpenJD is designed to be extensible for new types of visual compute workflows and applications. This open specification is made available for public comment under a Creative Commons (CC) license.

The AWS Thinkbox Deadline team designed the specification with current and emerging visual technologies in mind. Many graphics workflows are specialized at the application level but also share much of their ingest, techniques, and automation in software pipelines. OpenJD is extensible and provides a structure for defining parameters for you to integrate custom applications and computing architectures. Use OpenJD to add an interoperability layer between your render job authoring tools and your render farm management solution.

To learn more or discuss the specification, visit the Open Job Description project Github repository.