Posted On: Apr 8, 2024

You can now learn how to use AWS Transfer Family to set up your SFTP endpoint, manage your line-of-business users, and enable secure access to your data with a new workshop called Basic principles for securing access using AWS Transfer Family. This workshop will help you gain hands on experience so you can build a scalable and secure file transfer architecture on AWS without needing to modify existing applications or manage server infrastructure.

AWS Transfer Family offers fully managed file transfers to AWS storage over SFTP, FTPS, FTP, and AS2 protocols. The Basic principles for securing access using AWS Transfer Family workshop in AWS Workshop Studio will guide you through how to host your SFTP endpoint inside a virtual private cloud (VPC) so you can control your network settings, including how to use an allow list to control who can access your Transfer Family server. Additionally, you will learn how to create and administer users and map these users to user-friendly virtual directory structures that they will navigate when they connect to your Amazon S3 buckets or EFS file systems. The interactive workshop modules will help you understand how to set up a secure SFTP server endpoint, support thousands of concurrent users with fine grained access controls, and quickly scale your business-to-business file transfers for each user.