Posted On: Apr 23, 2024

Amazon Titan Image Generator's new watermark detection feature is now generally available in Amazon Bedrock. All Amazon Titan-generated images contain an invisible watermark, by default. The watermark detection mechanism allows you to identify images generated by Amazon Titan Image Generator, a foundation model that allows users to create realistic, studio-quality images in large volumes and at low cost, using natural language prompts.

With watermark detection, you can increase transparency around AI-generated content by mitigating harmful content generation and reducing the spread of misinformation. Content creators, news organizations, risk analysts, fraud detection teams, and more can leverage this capability to identify and authenticate AI-generated images generated using the Amazon Titan Image Generator model. Watermark detection for Titan Image Generator also provides a confidence score, allowing you to assess the reliability of the detection, even if the original image has been modified. Simply upload an image in the Amazon Bedrock console, and the API will detect watermarks embedded in images created by Titan Image Generator, including those generated by the base model and any customized versions.

Watermark detection for Amazon Titan Image Generator is now available in the Amazon Bedrock console in the US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) AWS Regions. The watermark detection API is now available in preview. To learn more, read the AWS News launch blog, Amazon Titan product page, documentation and watch the demo. To get started with Titan Image Generator in Amazon Bedrock, visit the Amazon Bedrock console.