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Organizations looking to store long-term data in the cloud are searching for scalable and durable storage solutions to achieve effective backup and recovery environments. Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage solutions are designed to provide the reliability, durability, and scalability needed for organizations of any size, without the need for an on-premises infrastructure. AWS Storage Competency Partners leverage AWS solutions, including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Glacier, to provide efficient, cost-effective, and scalable solutions for long-term backup of data.

Trimono LDA, a commercial electrical and surveillance systems provider in Portugal, relied on USB-based media backups for years. Faced with data growth and the time-consuming manual work involved in creating media backups, the company sought a more reliable, automated solution. Trimono replaced its prior solution with Veritas Backup Exec to automate backup to AWS.

Veritas and AWS helped ensure that Trimono’s data was protected and available for financial record keeping and regulatory compliance requirements. In this webinar, you’ll learn how Trimono gained reliable data protection, improved storage efficiency, lowered its recovery point objective by 86 percent (from seven days to one day), and reduced recovery time objectives from hours to minutes.

Webinar Topic: Trimono gains reliable backup and recovery on AWS with Veritas
Customer presenter: Miguel Prudente, IT Director, Trimono
AWS Presenter: Sabina Joseph, Global Ecosystem Lead
Veritas Presenter: Mikko Nykyri, Sr Product Manager, Veritas Backup Exec

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Founded in 1842, the University of Notre Dame is steeped in history—but it is by no means stuck in the past. Fast forward 176 years and Notre Dame has adopted a forward-thinking backup strategy for its AWS environment. The university turned to Cloud Protection Manager (CPM) from N2WS, a Veeam company, to protect numerous accounts and AWS regions with regularly-scheduled, incremental, snapshot-based backups.

Join our upcoming webinar to hear Aaron Wright, Notre Dame Systems Engineer, discuss how the university maintains continuity when unforeseen circumstances arise. When the applications team rolled out a patch on a production server, they unwittingly introduced a vulnerability. Notre Dame passed the test with flying colors: they successfully leveraged CPM to roll it back, thereby retaining critical data and supporting business continuity.

Webinar Topic: How Notre Dame maintains uptime on AWS: A master class
Customer presenter: Aaron Wright, Systems Engineer, University of Notre Dame
AWS Presenter: Binoy Das, Solutions Architect
N2WS Presenter: Sebastian Straub, Systems Engineer

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Castilleja School, an independent school for girls, used offsite tape backup to protect its data and prevent disruptions to its learning environment. After years of time-consuming manual work involved with tape backup and difficulties in recovering its files quickly, Castilleja School replaced its existing system with Rubrik Cloud Data Management to automate backup to AWS. Rubrik helped Castilleja establish a hands-off solution that enhanced its ability to backup and recover its academic and financial records quickly.

In this webinar, learn how Castilleja School uses AWS and Rubrik to simplify data protection, reduce management time, lower its total cost of ownership, and shorten its recovery time objectives.

Webinar Topic: Castilleja School automates data protection and shortens RTOs
Customer presenter: Terry Young, Senior Network and Systems Administrator, Castilleja School
AWS Presenter: Juan Villa, Partner Solutions Architect
Rubrik Presenter: Kenneth Hui, Technical Marketing Engineer

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Having a single, reliable data backup and recovery solution can streamline business processes and IT operations—especially when managing international data centers. GulfMark, a Houston-based marine transportation service for the oil and gas industry, uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Druva to manage information across eight global data centers as well as on its ships around the world.

GulfMark relies on Druva Phoenix and AWS to simplify and standardize data protection improving the visibility of complex information across its global organization. Join our webinar to learn how GulfMark did away with software licenses; tape vaulting services; colocation and replication and their associated costs, to experience a 30% cost savings and a 50% reduction in data restore and backup times.

Webinar Topic: GulfMark protects business-critical data on land and at sea
Customer presenter: Kevin Adams, Global IT Infrastructure Manager, GulfMark
AWS Presenter: Paul Sears, Partner Solutions Architect
Druva Presenter: Silas Simon, Director of Corporate Sales

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Maxwell Health, a software-as-a-service healthcare benefits management provider, needed to meet recovery SLAs for MongoDB workloads on AWS. The company turned to Rubrik Datos IO for a modern, scalable, cloud-native backup and recovery solution. Within minutes, Maxwell Health had launched Rubrik Datos IO RecoverX to protect its AWS environment. RecoverX helped Maxwell meet strict backup and recovery SLAs, simplify MongoDB data protection efforts, and save backup storage costs for Amazon S3.

Join our webinar to learn how Rubrik Datos IO enabled Maxwell Health to lower its recovery time by 30 percent and reduce storage costs by 90 percent for its MongoDB backups on AWS.

Webinar Topic: Learn how Maxwell Health protects its MongoDB workloads on AWS
Customer Presenter: Brian Deitte, Director of Engineering, Maxwell Health
AWS Presenter: Doug Cliché, Solutions Architect
Rubrik Datos IO Presenter: Tarun Thakur, General Manager

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Companies turn to Amazon Web Services (AWS) because its flexible, scalable cloud environment is well-suited for managing large workloads. Dell EMC Data Protection Software is built to help customers protect their cloud investments.

In our new webinar, you’ll learn how Oath, Inc., a global enterprise digital media company, was able to reduce its data protection costs by 67% while realizing increases in scalability and backup ingest performance. Working with AWS and Dell EMC, Oath enhanced its speed, scale, and flexibility while gaining powerful enterprise data protection for its cloud workloads.

Join this webinar to learn how Oath used Dell EMC to enhance the protection of a massive AWS environment, running over 100 accounts with consolidated billing on more than 40,000 Amazon EC2 instances, with about 70 petabytes of data stored on Amazon S3.

Webinar Title: 70 Petabytes, One Cloud Backup Solution: The Oath Story
Customer Presenter: Dan Pollack, Chief Storage & Backup Architect, Oath
AWS Presenter: Isaiah Weiner, Senior Manager, Solutions Architecture
Dell EMC Presenter: Bryan Hicks, Director, Global Technology Office, Dell EMC

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IDT Corporation, a leader in prepaid communication and payment services, used on-premises appliances to back up its data worldwide. Faced with increasing support costs for its appliances and a goal to align its backup environment with its cloud strategy, IDT looked to StorReduce and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a more cost-effective, efficient, and scalable backup and recovery solution. With StorReduce’s scalable deduplication software, IDT moved its primary backup data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for faster throughputs and recovery times, saving up to 80 percent in costs.

Learn how StorReduce and AWS enabled IDT to replace its on-premises backup appliances with AWS, lower total cost of ownership, and increase data availability.

Webinar Title: IDT Replaces On-Premises Appliances with Primary Backup on AWS
Customer Presenter: David Wartell, Executive Vice President, IDT Telecom
AWS Presenter: Isaiah Weiner, Senior Manager, Solutions Architecture
StorReduce Presenter: Hugh Emberson, Chief Technology Officer, StorReduce

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Washington State’s King County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States. The county government previously used tape backups across its 17 departments. It knew its legacy backup solution was unsustainable and wanted to work more efficiently and cost-effectively to protect the data of its two million residents - data that was growing 50% annually.

Join our webinar to hear how NetApp® AltaVault™ is helping King County and other large, data-driven organizations such as the University of Wollongong transition from tape to cloud backup with Amazon Web Services. AltaVault, available in AWS Marketplace and through NetApp and their Channel Partners, helps customers back up and recover their data easily and quickly.

You’ll learn how King County has compressed its data seven-fold at considerable cost savings, freeing budget that could be reallocated to provide affordable services for its residents, and how the University of Wollongong retrieves data within minutes, better secures cloud backup, speeds data restore operations, and reduces backup costs.

Webinar Topic: How One Growing U.S. County Protects Residents' Data on AWS
AWS Presenter: Juan Villa, Partner Solutions Architect
NetApp Presenter: Elio Gerardi, Cloud Solutions Architect

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