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Empowering 1,000-plus partners: How the AWS Think Big for Small Business Program fuels public sector innovation

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In the intricate landscape of public sector procurement, the demand for innovation, efficiency, and reliability is paramount. As government agencies seek to modernize their operations and deliver enhanced services to citizens, the role of small businesses becomes increasingly pivotal. Yet, the journey from small business solution to impactful collaboration is a field with challenges and opportunities.

In March 2021, Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched the Think Big for Small Business (TBSB) Program, which provides partners with access to financial incentives and additional visibility with customers and the AWS team. Since the program launched, it has supported 1,000-plus partners from 73 countries across the globe. In this post, we explore the pivotal role that the TBSB program plays in accelerating the growth of small business partners that serve public sector customers.

Learn about three real-world examples of small businesses using AWS solutions to make a significant impact in the public sector. See how AWS is empowering small business partners to drive meaningful change in their mission to serve public sector customers.


Engenome (Italy) is an AWS software partner and bioinformatic company whose mission is to deliver the most accurate reporting for genomic data interpretation. Engenome’s eVai platform enables precise and early diagnosis of rare disease. Di Venere Hospital (Ospedale di Venere) utilizes eVai, a generative artificial intelligence (AI)–based variant interpretation tool, to analyze genomic variants for diagnostic purposes, helping to reduce the number of years it takes for rare disease patients to receive a proper diagnosis.

The challenge was to diagnose a patient with undiagnosed retinitis pigmentosa despite multiple inconclusive genetic tests. The solution involved using eVai in conjunction with AWS Cloud services for secure data storage and management.


Eratos (Australia) is an AWS services and software partner with a data and AI-enabling platform for individuals, teams, and organizations to organize, find, access, and transform vast public data alongside their own data to create novel data insights at scale.

The urban heat island effect is the temperature increase urban areas experience. It leaves communities living in urban centers exposed to health risks and at higher risk of dying, reduces work hours, and can have detrimental impacts on urban flora and fauna. It also drives up power use and increases the carbon intensity of our cities and towns, exacerbating the root cause of increasing urban heat.

Smart Irrigation Management for Parks and Cool Towns (SIMPaCT) is an innovative new approach to using and conserving water to cool our urban environments. It uses embedded smart technologies, a digital twin, and machine learning (ML) to manage irrigation and maximize cooling.

The SIMPaCT solution uses the Eratos platform to host a digital twin of the Sydney Olympic Park that takes near real-time observations and forecast data and uses biophysical modeling and ML to issue smart irrigation commands to the park irrigation system. This framework is repeatable and scalable across other sites utilizing Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (AWS EKS), Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) , and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

Pieces Technologies

Pieces Technologies (US) is an AWS software partner and healthcare AI research and development firm that applies ensemble AI methods to support the work of healthcare teams. Their generative AI solution, designed in collaboration with clinicians, distills extensive electronic health record (EHR) information into actionable insights.

Their generative AI solution, Pieces, has been deployed across the inpatient clinical enterprise of Children’s Health. Pieces is integrated into the pediatric health system’s Epic electronic medical record (EMR) and used by doctors, nurses and case managers daily for clinical handoffs, length of stay management, discharge barrier resolution, team communication, and multidisciplinary rounds.

“We are encouraged by the positive responses to this technology from our care teams,” said Dr. Philip Bernard, chief medical information officer at Children’s Health.

Pieces is running on Amazon Bedrock and AWS HealthScribe. As an AWS Partner, Pieces Technologies was able to leverage marketing support to showcase their solution at the HIMSS Global Health Conference and several other events. Additionally, AWS sales team are collaborating with Pieces on multiple upcoming opportunities through the TBSB and AWS ISV Accelerate program benefits.

Become a TBSB partner or work with a TBSB partner

The TBSB program aims to help small businesses around the world grow by providing access to AWS Partner programs as well as technical, training, and go-to-market support that helps them better address public sector customer challenges.

To learn more about the TBSB program, how you can access these resources, or how you can work with a small business, visit the AWS Think Big for Small Business Program.