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AWS branded background design with text overlay that says "ICF helps FDA accelerate the drug labeling review process with AWS machine learning"

ICF helps FDA accelerate the drug labeling review process with AWS machine learning

Within the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, the Division of Medication Error Prevention and Analysis (DMEPA) plays a critical role. DMEPA reviews premarket and postmarket drug labeling to minimize the risk of medication errors. In partnership with DMEPA, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner ICF is developing a machine learning (ML) prototype known as the Computerized Labeling Assessment Tool (CLAT). The prototype employs innovative applications of optical character recognition (OCR) technology and the novel use of computer vision techniques that will alleviate bottlenecks in and enhance the efficiency of the drug labeling review process.

Renaissance Learning improves operations and scalability by migrating to AWS

Renaissance Learning is a global leader in the pre-K–12 education technology (EdTech) space. Renaissance delivers its products to 16 million students across the world, and its digital solutions are used in more than one-third of US schools and 100-plus countries. As part of its cloud consolidation strategy, Renaissance migrated DnA, its standards-based assessment creation and administration solution, from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to Amazon Web Services (AWS). After migration, Renaissance realized performance, scalability, and security improvements, all while reducing cloud spend by 30 percent.

EHR in the cloud: The elastic health record

Cloud technology provides an opportunity to think differently about the electronic health record (EHR) to provide continuous, superior patient care. A patient’s health is not static, and a health record system is not static. Healthcare leaders should consider shifting the underlying words of EHR from “electronic” to “elastic,” embracing a record that is always in motion. AWS can help support this elasticity.

How to build smart cities with FIWARE Orion Context Broker and Cygnus on AWS

Several smart cities use FIWARE, an open source framework supporting the development of smart solutions. FIWARE leverages sensing data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices, then collects, stores, and analyzes data with an API call. One FIWARE component, Orion Context Broker, gathers context information from diverse sources such as mobile apps, IoT devices, and social networking services, and manages the lifecycle of this context information, from registrations, updates, queries, and subscriptions. In this blog post, we address building Orion Context Broker on AWS. Learn how to deploy Orion Context Broker and Cygnus on AWS with AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) and Docker Compose quickly.

How the cloud can help educational institutions with grading, assessments, and admissions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions that operated on in-person model shifted many of their traditionally in-person operations and activities—including grading, assessments and testing, and admissions—to a virtual format, where many had never been before. Educational technology (EdTech) companies around the world used the cloud to help quickly create and scale to meet the needs of these academic institutions while maintaining a consistent and smooth student experience.

AWS enables the US federal government’s move to IPv6

The U.S. government has spent the last 16 years moving toward IPv6 adoption, requiring federal agencies to operationally deploy IPv6 for public internet servers and internal applications. AWS is committed to the enablement of IPv6, and our cloud services enable public sector customers to move to IPv6 as mission allows.