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AWS branded background design with text overlay that says "Using Protective DNS services with AWS workloads"

Using Protective DNS services with AWS workloads

Protective DNS services, commonly known as PDNS, are a go-to solution if you’re aiming to bolster the security of your infrastructure from the ground up. Unlike traditional methods involving software-based agents or devices for traffic filtering, PDNS services take a unique approach – they scrutinise the DNS requests made by users and adjust responses based on predefined rules within the service. In this post, we explore the seamless integration of PDNS services with workloads in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, showcasing their effectiveness in enhancing cybersecurity within cloud environments.

AWS branded background design with text overlay that says "How Pearson improves its resilience with AWS Fault Injection Service"

How Pearson improves its resilience with AWS Fault Injection Service

Chaos engineering, often misunderstood as intentionally breaking the production environment, aligns with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Reliability pillar. Its purpose is to methodically simulate real-world disruptions in a controlled manner, spanning service providers, infrastructure, workloads, and individual components. In this blog post, we show how Pearson PLC, an AWS education technology (EdTech) customer, successfully implemented resilient architectures through chaos engineering using AWS Fault Injection Service (FIS).

Stockholm Public Transport transforms its ticketing system with the AWS Cloud

In the Greater Stockholm Area, SL (Stockholm Public Transport) is responsible for public transport services for more than three million citizens. SL is transforming their ticketing system with a new, “future-proof” alternative built and managed in-house. This major digital transformation project, built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud and using microservices, is currently being rolled out across the city. The new ticketing system is an integral part of SL’s commitment to make sure everyone who lives, works in, or visits Stockholm, “has access to well-developed, easily accessible and reliable public transport.”

How to build smart cities with FIWARE Orion Context Broker and Cygnus on AWS

Several smart cities use FIWARE, an open source framework supporting the development of smart solutions. FIWARE leverages sensing data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices, then collects, stores, and analyzes data with an API call. One FIWARE component, Orion Context Broker, gathers context information from diverse sources such as mobile apps, IoT devices, and social networking services, and manages the lifecycle of this context information, from registrations, updates, queries, and subscriptions. In this blog post, we address building Orion Context Broker on AWS. Learn how to deploy Orion Context Broker and Cygnus on AWS with AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) and Docker Compose quickly.