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AWS branded background design with text overlay that says "Singapore’s EVe harnesses the power of data with help from NTT DATA, AWS"

Singapore’s EVe harnesses the power of data with help from NTT DATA, AWS

In alignment with Singapore’s ambitious sustainability objectives, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore is intensifying its efforts to spur the adoption of electric vehicles. This contributes to the nation’s goal of achieving 100 percent cleaner energy vehicles by 2040, and the effort leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS). LTA has set up EV-Electric Charging Pte Ltd (EVe) to manage the deployment of up to 12,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging points distributed across 2,000 Housing Development Board (HDB) carparks.

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Using Protective DNS services with AWS workloads

Protective DNS services, commonly known as PDNS, are a go-to solution if you’re aiming to bolster the security of your infrastructure from the ground up. Unlike traditional methods involving software-based agents or devices for traffic filtering, PDNS services take a unique approach – they scrutinise the DNS requests made by users and adjust responses based on predefined rules within the service. In this post, we explore the seamless integration of PDNS services with workloads in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, showcasing their effectiveness in enhancing cybersecurity within cloud environments.

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SeloVerde uses geospatial big data and AI/ML to monitor deforestation in supply chains, powered by AWS

Open source geospatial artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) analyses along with Internet of Things (IoT)-connected sensors can power near real-time data built on the cloud and assist in decision-making. Read this blog post to learn how Amazon Web Services (AWS) is supporting the Government of Pará, Brazil, in designing and deploying SeloVerde (Green Seal), a cutting-edge tool to address climate change challenges and traceability in deforestation-risk supply chains.

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Lessons learned from Intelsat’s successful domain migration with AWS

In 2022, Intelsat — operator of one of the world’s largest integrated satellite and terrestrial networks and a leading provider of in-flight connectivity — collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to complete a post-acquisition domain migration from Gogo Commercial Aviation without impacting inflight experiences and other operations. This blog post shares the lessons learned from Intelsat’s successful domain migration with AWS.

Canada’s Federal Geospatial Platform supports decision-making using AWS

Data has become a new global currency in the digital age, thus the capacity to turn it into useful information is becoming increasingly important. Geospatial data is collected and used by the Canadian government to support goals such as economic growth, environmental management, and social well-being.

How AWS uses AI to power interactive artwork at new Smithsonian exhibit

This fall, artist Suchi Reddy and Amazon Web Services (AWS), in collaboration with the Smithsonian FUTURES Exhibition, debuted me+you in Washington, DC, which embodies the collective answers to the question, “What do you want your future to look like?” me+you is an interactive work of art powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and is the centerpiece of the Smithsonian FUTURES exhibition.

How one nonprofit digitally transformed to support art and culture in a changing world

Tessitura Network, a member-owned nonprofit company, provides customer relationship management (CRM) technologies and services to performing arts, cultural, and entertainment organizations around the world. Tessitura integrates what used to be disparate components of running an arts and culture organization, and supports organizations to gain a full picture of their customers and patrons, to segment and analyze data for insights, and to build personalized engagements with donors and communities they serve—all using the cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS).