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The benefits of running controlled substance databases with AWS

Healthcare authorities and providers use state-run controlled substance databases (CSDs) to track prescriptions and identify patients for substance abuse. CSDs help evaluate treatment options, screen patients who may be at risk for drug abuse problems, and make informed decisions about prescribing medication. This post explains how healthcare authorities can leverage CSD data to enhance their decision-making processes within business operations by using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Creating AWS CloudFormation templates for AWS Ground Station DigIF workloads

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Ground Station has many different parameters and options to choose from when creating a contact and setting up data delivery. For this reason, it is advised that infrastructure as code (IaC) is used. This post is the first of a two-part tutorial that provides an overview of the resources required to create AWS CloudFormation templates for Digital Intermediate Frequency (DigIF) workloads, using AWS Ground Station to transmit data between the satellite and AWS Cloud environment.

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Eutelsat increases service availability by migrating to AWS

Eutelsat Group, the world’s first satellite operator to provide an integrated geosynchronous equatorial and low-Earth orbit (GEO-LEO) infrastructure, recently migrated their existing on-premises commercial Hadoop cluster to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Read this blog post to learn how Eutelsat reduced licensing costs by 50 percent, increased service availability to more than 99.8 percent, and decreased incidents after the migration.

Dr. B helps with equitable vaccine distribution using AWS

Healthcare organization Dr. B launched to get as many COVID-19 vaccines into as many arms as possible. To achieve its mission to make access to care—specifically the COVID-19 vaccine—more efficient and equitable, the company created a serverless solution built on Amazon Web Services (AWS).   

How to migrate on-premises workloads with AWS Application Migration Service

AWS Application Migration Service (MGN) is a highly automated lift-and-shift solution, which works by replicating your on-premises (physical or virtual) and/or cloud servers into your AWS account. When you’re ready, AWS MGN automatically converts and launches your servers on AWS so you can quickly benefit from the cost savings, productivity, resilience, and agility of the cloud. This guide teaches you how to migrate a content management system platform (CMS), based on an example with WordPress, running on a simulated on-premises environment to AWS Cloud, using MGN.

How one Caribbean university digitally transformed and saved money by migrating to the cloud

Moving to AWS helped The University of the West Indies, Open Campus (UWIOC) improve performance of systems and operational efficiency while optimizing costs. Learn how UWIOC migrated more than 70 virtual machines, 10 applications, and five networks, plus their Moodle learning management system (LMS) and the UWIOC website, while saving 50 percent total cost of ownership along the way.