AWS HealthScribe (Preview)

Automatically generate clinical notes from patient-clinician conversations

Up to 300 minutes of free usage

per month for 2 months with the AWS Free Tier

Enhance clinical productivity with AI-generated notes that are easier to reference, edit, and finalize.

Use AI responsibly in clinical settings with traceable transcript references for every AI-generated note.

Simplify implementation with a unified, integrated conversational and generative AI service in your application.

Safeguard patient privacy using a HIPAA-eligible service for telehealth and in-clinic consultations.

AWS HealthScribe is a HIPAA-eligible service empowering healthcare software vendors to build clinical applications that automatically generate clinical notes by analyzing patient-clinician conversations.

Use cases

Reduce documentation time

Empower clinicians to quickly complete documentation with AI-generated clinical notes that are easier to validate for accuracy and finalize.

Boost medical scribe workflow efficiency

Equip scribes with an AI-generated transcript and clinical notes, alongside consultation audio, to expedite documentation turnaround time.

Patient-friendly consultation recap

Create an experience that allows patients to quickly recollect key highlights of their conversation in your application.

How to get started

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Learn more about generative AI, customization, and privacy.

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