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3M Health Information Systems

3M Health Information Systems

“Machine learning on AWS enables 3M Health Information Systems (HIS) to transform clinician workflows and laborious processes to help healthcare organizations streamline clinical documentation and billing. For example, 3M HIS leverages tools like Amazon SageMaker and Amazon QuickSight to help aggregate, structure, and contextualize data to enable the development of task-specific workflow applications. 3M HIS is collaborating with AWS to bring conversational and generative AI directly into clinical documentation workflows. 3M can now use AWS HealthScribe as our clinical applications' foundation to help expedite, refine, and scale the delivery of 3M's ambient clinical documentation and virtual assistant solutions.”

Garri Garrison, President, 3M Health Information Systems

Netsmart logo


"Our vision is to help our clients and communities move beyond digitizing their enterprises by using technology to optimize the provider and clinician experience to improve outcomes for those they serve. By taking the next step in expanding the Netsmart and AWS AI Data Lab collaboration, we’re combining the power of AWS HealthScribe, Amazon Bedrock, and Netsmart Telehealth. This integration will enable auto-generated progress notes in telehealth sessions for provider efficiency, auto-generate discharge summaries to simplify care transitions, and transform the EHR user experience with a conversational interface. As disruption, innovation and collaboration are essential elements behind these technology advancements today, we look forward to continuing to shape the future of the healthcare ecosystem to make a difference and transform lives." 

Tom Herzog, Chief Operating Officer, Netsmart

ScribeEMR, Inc

ScribeEMR, Inc

"ScribeEMR’s goal is to help increase practice efficiency, maximize revenue, and reduce clinician burnout in the healthcare industry. By harnessing the power of AWS HealthScribe, we are innovatively transforming the landscape of healthcare documentation. With AWS HealthScribe, our advanced processes can now capture and interpret patient visits more effectively and optimize EMR workflows, coding, and reimbursement processes. This breakthrough represents our relentless pursuit of improving efficiency, profitability, and most importantly, patient care."

Daya Shankar, Co-Founder and General Manager, ScribeEMR

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"TeleTracking, the global leader in healthcare operations, has partnered with AWS to develop AI and generative solutions that support operational performance across healthcare. Through this partnership, we are working to incorporate AWS HealthScribe, already proven in clinical applications, into the Healthcare Operations Cloud™, further automating operational workflows, and giving providers the tools they need to improve access to care, deliver care more efficiently, and better transition patients between care settings. I believe this responsible use of AI will harness the power of best-in-class technology to make meaningful improvements in operational workflow, patient care, and provider efficiency."

Chris Johnson, Co-CEO, TeleTracking Technologies Inc.

Pariveda logo


"AWS’ commitment to healthcare transformed a seed Pariveda planted with a customer years ago into what is now AWS HealthScribe. By combining our extensive expertise with the cutting-edge generative AI solution from AWS, we've successfully harnessed the power of AI to address the administrative burden that plagues healthcare providers. This innovation helps ensure that clinicians can focus on meaningful, face-to-face patient interactions, leading to a more satisfying patient experience while working to prevent clinician burnout. With structured, consistent patient notes, our solution not only transforms the way physicians work but also elevates the quality of data within the organization. Patients receive the attention they deserve, and healthcare providers can prioritize their well-being and research efforts. Purpose-built products like AWS HealthScribe show tremendous potential to simplify Pariveda's approach to solving many challenges that our clients face, in particular the desire to responsibly use AI to improve both the patient and clinician experience."

Margaret Rogers, Chief Executive Officer, Pariveda



THIS IS HIDDEN--“At Babylon, our mission is to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable for our patients. We are building an integrated, digital-first primary care service that can manage population health at scale. As one of the early adopters of AI in healthcare, including innovations in clinical summarization with our Note Assistant product, we look forward to continuing our collaboration with AWS to integrate HealthScribe into Babylon's technology and platform. Combining AWS HealthScribe and our solutions, we believe we can unlock new possibilities to continue improving healthcare outcomes.”

Saurabh Johri, Chief Science Officer, Babylon Health

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