Clean Energy Accelerator

Accelerate your net zero pathways at scale with Clean Energy Accelerator 3.0

A hybrid, high-pace, non-equity dilutive accelerator for mature startups.

Centered on the needs of advanced startups, the AWS Clean Energy Accelerator (CEA) program is designed to spur co-innovation and acceleration through energy partnerships (Cohort 1).

Leading energy organizations will commit to working with startups on solving their clean energy and decarbonization challenges. Industry and thought leaders from around the world will mentor on topics of energy, digital technology, investment, public policy, innovation, advanced research and more.

A second cohort for early-stage (pre-seed) startups who offer disruptive solutions to solve a broader list of climate challenges will be selected to join part of the program to receive training in digital growth and leadership development (Cohort 2, CEA Initiate).

Pre-register to attend the Clean Energy Accelerator 3.0 Innovation Showcase, in-person or online during COP 28.

Primary Challenge Focus Areas

Advanced Materials

advanced materials

Nano technologies ǀ Metal Organic Frameworks ǀ Polymer electro-catalysts ǀ Photo-catalysts ǀ Organic semiconductors ǀ Novel electrolyzer components ǀ Novel solar cell components ǀ Advanced membranes, Superconductors ǀ Digital and AI applications ǀ Other

Carbon Capture, Utility, and Storage (CCUS)

Carbon Capture, Utility, and Storage (CCUS)

Synthetic biology and microbial solutions ǀ Underground reservoirs sequestration ǀ Enhanced mineral depositing ǀ Petrochemical replacement ǀ Direct air capture ǀ CO2 to fuel and material transformation ǀ Methane Capture ǀ Molten salt ǀ Electrochemical and thermochemical capture ǀ Other

Economic Hydrogen Generation, Transport, and Use

Economic Hydrogen Generation, Transport, and Use

Hydrogen as a fuel ǀ Hydrogen in fuel cells ǀ Hydrogen for offshore shipping ǀ Hydrogen Transportation ǀ Hydrogen refueling stations for forklifts cars and trucks ǀ Pipeline repurposing for Hydrogen ǀ Digital and AI applications ǀ Other

Energy Storage

energy storage

Long duration battery storage ǀ Lithium-ion ǀ Zinc and abundant material based storage ǀ Flexible batteries ǀ Portable Storage ǀ Fast Charging ǀ Digital and AI applications ǀ Other

Grid Modernization

Grid Modernization

24/7 carbon-free authentication and traceability ǀ Blockchain-based innovation ǀ Grid resource allocation ǀ Real-time demand management ǀ Trading ǀ Smart device management, Marketplaces ǀ Digital and AI applications ǀ Other

Energy Security and Resilience

Energy Security and Resilience

Power grid resilience ǀ Energy infrastructure security ǀ Security of cyber-physical systems ǀ Space system based security and resilience for mission critical assets ǀ Modernization of system processes ǀ Deployment automation implementation ǀ Rapid adaptation and restoration ǀ Digital and AI applications ǀ Other

Secondary Challenge Focus Areas

  • Asset and Equipment Carbon Efficiency Optimization
  • Blockchain Authentication and Transparency
  • Carbon Accounting
  • Carbon & Emissions Monitoring and Tracking
  • Climate Modeling
  • Desalination
  • Geothermal Optimization
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Regenerative Agriculture and Forestry
  • Renewable Energy Intermittency Technologies
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy

If you are a startup that has demonstrated commercial traction, revenue, and the potential to scale in clean energy or climate technologies in one of the challenge areas above, apply today!

Benefits – What's in it for you?

AWS Promotional Credit

AWS Activate Credit

  • Up to $100K AWS Activate Credit


Mentorship and Networking

Mentorship and Networking

  • Mentorship from industry experts and leaders
  • Hands-on assistance with AWS Cloud
  • Exclusive networking and collaboration
Business Acceleration

Business Acceleration

  • Pilot coordination and support with Energy partners
  • Pilot alignment using Amazon’s Working Backwards mechanism
Amazon Immersion Sprint

Amazon Immersion Sprint

  • Invite to an in-person Clean Energy Innovation Lab program in Seattle with Amazon, AWS, and supporting partners 
  • Exposure to Amazon’s technologies in sustainability, aerospace, energy, climate, and retail 
Other Benefits

Other Benefits

  • International Exchange Program: 2023: Abu Dhabi with Masdar City
  • Cloud Technical Immersion
  • Temporary
    co-working office space access
  • Tradeshows and Industry Engagement Support


AWS Clean Accelerator Timeline

Innovation Showcase

We are excited to invite you to the Innovation Showcase for the AWS Clean Energy Accelerator 3.0 around COP 28 in Dubai Expo, UAE. The event will feature the startups selected from our global pool of innovators from all over the world.

The Innovation Showcase will be an interactive, in-person, can’t miss event! The selected startups and innovators in the Clean Energy and Climate Tech space will exhibit their latest products and solutions. 

The event will feature presentations, panel discussions and Q&A from the accelerator startups, Amazon, private and public sectors, and leading energy companies.

Participant Testimonials