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Retailers Leading Their Customer Journeys With AWS

Retailers using AWS to lead their customer journeys

What is Journey-Driven Retail?

Customer expectations now span entire journeys. Retailers can guide the choices that create them.

Journey driven retail on AWS.

Reinvent Your Legacy

Complete Your View

Transform Your Engagement

Build Your Foundation to Lead Customer Journeys

AWS is how.

We share tested, proven retail innovation from Amazon that’s greater than the sum of its parts – a head start 20 years in the making to lead customer journeys.


Reinvent Your Legacy

Years of investment and offering great customer experiences at any cost, means every retailer wrestles with technical debt.

AWS is How.
• Shared insight of Serverless Microservices – the DNA of
• Investment protection of modernizing critical systems of record
• Customer advantage of connecting experiences cross-channel
• Cost reduction and efficiency to unleash capital for innovation

72% Unable to migrate to new technology based on legacy technical debt.


Complete Your View

Fragmentation and delays to insight mean most retailers struggle to get a single view of a customer, let alone a complete view of a journey complemented by IoT.

AWS is How.
• Leverage the power of 10,000 data lakes built
• Move from customer data in 16+ systems to real-time insight, unified data
• Include actionable IoT (footfall, location, engagement) for richer, complete views
• Move from a single view of a customer to a complete view of a journey

51% Can't share data between systems.
88% Have trouble making actionable decisions.

Transform Your Engagement

AI/ML is the #1 CXO ranked “game changer” for retail, yet it’s only number eight on top spending priorities. Which scenarios are real?

AWS is How.
• 20 years of AI/ML experiences from is shared
• Higher quality recommendations
• 50%+ More Accurate Forecasting
• Computer Vision for merchandise/labor optimization & checkout

88% Believe their personalization strategies are not effective.

The Industry’s Largest Retail Ecosystem at Work

Great partners with AWS.

Great Partners

We know how important your partners are and the critical solutions they provide. That’s why we’ve created the industry’s largest ecosystem – thousands of partners who deploy, extend, and enhance those capabilities for even greater value. We believe a big part of our job is ensuring that your partners and solutions work better together.

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Industry-Leading Customers

We work with the industry’s leading retailers – innovators and pioneers –who expect more from their technology partners and know that great experience(s) speak louder than words. Learn more about the exciting ways these leading their customer journeys with Amazon Web Services.

Ocado on AWS


See how Ocado, the worlds’ largest online grocery retailer, is using AWS to power its Smart Platform – bringing its disruptive, tech-driven business model to bricks-and-mortar retailers worldwide.

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Brooks Brothers on AWS.

Brooks Brothers

See how Brooks Brothers reduced time to create test environments from weeks to hours moving SAP Hana to the AWS Cloud – reducing operational costs and adding speed for great customer service.

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Yamaha on AWS.


See how Yamaha Corporation is using Amazon Personalize to save up to 60% of the time needed to set up machine learning models and how they expect greater accuracy than other recommendation systems.

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Ready to Lead

AWS never stops innovating and shares the experience of Amazon to make the journey better, for all. Every day we’re with you to ensure your customers take the most important journey of all – the one you lead.