Aleksandar Simovic

AWS Serverless Hero

 Aleksandar Simovic, Senior Software Engineer at Science Exchange

 Belgrade, Serbia

 Hero since 2018

Aleksandar Simovic is a Senior Software Engineer at Science Exchange and co-author of “Serverless Applications with Node.js” with Slobodan Stojanovic, published by Manning Publications. Additionally, he writes on Medium on both business and technical aspects of serverless. He's also a Wardley Mapper.

Aleksandar is a Claudia.js core team member, and is also involved with other serverless related open-source projects such as Claudia-Bot-Builder, Scotty.js, and He has published over a dozen open-source serverless applications to the AWS Serverless Application Repository. One of his latest serverless experiments is a Serverless JARVIS, an Alexa skill that can create serverless applications using voice commands. See Aleksandar's serverless apps in the Repository

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