Anton Babenko, CEO at Betajob AS

 Oslo, Norway

 Hero since 2019

Anton is a long time developer and CTO. He runs a consulting company Betajob AS in Norway and helps companies around the globe building solutions using AWS, specializing on infrastructure as code, DevOps and reusable infrastructure components since 2015.

He spends a large amount of his time as an open-source contributor on various Terraform & AWS projects, terraform-aws-modules, and a few others. Anton enjoys solving real cloud architecture tasks, figures out generic solutions by getting to the core, and make them available as open-source to let the whole AWS community benefit from this. The most popular one is where he manages a collection of verified Terraform AWS modules downloaded more than 4 million times.

Anton always experiments with technologies and tries to come up with new fresh ideas businesses will ask for soon. One of his latest projects is which allows to automatically convert visual AWS infrastructure diagrams into Terraform infrastructure as code (yes, it is, open-source, too). In his spare time, he is describing Terraform best practices learned from working with customers and by observing the DevOps communities worldwide (

Anton co-founded and co-organizes AWS, DevOps, HashiCorp User Groups in Norway, DevOpsDays Oslo, and often speaks at various technical meetups and conferences. When he is offline, he is probably windsurfing, sailing, paragliding, or just having fun with his kids and wife.

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