Francesco Pochetti

AWS Machine Learning Hero

 Francesco Pochetti, Data Scientist at Mash

 Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

 Hero since 2019

Francesco first got in touch with Machine Learning back in 2013, taking the Stanford’s ML MOOC by Andrew Ng. Those lectures were the first step into the journey, which, over the years, brought him from his original chemistry background into AI. Along the way, Francesco worked at Amazon Kindle in Luxembourg, first as a Business Analyst, then as a Data Scientist, boosting worldwide readers’ experience with predictive analytics. He then landed a job at Mash, in Estonia, optimizing drivers’ bonuses with statistical modeling.

That was before coming back to Belgium and Luxembourg, where he is now working on credit scoring and fraud as a Senior DS at Mash, and he is fully devoted to what he enjoys the most. Leverage the wonders of AWS AI infrastructure, play around with new services, build ML solutions and let the world know about those on his blog.

This is where he regularly posts all his experiments in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Most notably, within the AWS domain, Analyzing IMDb reviews sentiment with Amazon Comprehend or Running Neural Style Transfer with AWS Lambda and GPU-powered EC2s.


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