Hyunmin Kim

AWS Community Hero

 Hyunmin Kim, Solutions Architect Manager at Megazone

 Seoul, Korea

 Hero since 2020

Hyunmin Kim is a manager in Megazone Cloud's Commercial Technology Center Solutions Architect team. Megazone Cloud started its AWS partner business in 2012 and is currently the largest customer in South Korea. Previously Hyunmin had been developing mobile applications for an LMS (e-Learning, Learning Management System) as an iOS developer for 5 years at 4CSoft. He was then attracted to AWS and moved to a cloud partner. Over the past three years, he has been working with many customers to develop experiences with AWS. Some clients he works with include financial clients such as Shinhan Bank, as well as many startups. Recently, Hyunmin is working on modifying an IoT project (Greengrass) with manufacturing and heavy industry customers.

The AWS community in Gangnam is growing rapidly, and is learning Kubernetes and container orchestration services like Docker and ECS and EKS together. Hyunmin helps organize the AWSKRUG Gangnam as well as the AWSKRUG Container Group, where he frequently presents on various topics.

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