Karolina Boboli, AWS Cloud Architect / Consultant

 Warsaw, Poland

 Hero since 2022

Karolina Boboli works as an AWS Cloud Architect and Consultant. She has experience in cloud security, cloud governance, cost management, landing zones, serverless, and IoT. As a technical leader and mentor, she is involved in building and guiding cloud teams. She created an online course “AWS in practice – your first project” about infrastructure as code.

In 2019, she founded a vibrant cloud community, swiatchmury.pl, a Slack for cloud professionals focused on AWS, which she runs on a daily basis. The goal of the community is to have a friendly place to ask questions, inspire each other, and simply be together. From time to time, she gives talks in AWS User Group Poland and organizes her own webinars.

Cloud computing is her second career that has its roots in a business intelligence and accounting process automations project she did for her own accounting and tax advisory company. In her free time, she enjoys riding a bike (off-road), drawing, watercolor painting, dancing, and spending time with old friends.

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