Kristi Perreault

AWS Serverless Hero

 Kristi Perreault, Principal Software Engineer at Liberty Mutual Insurance

 Boulder, USA

 Hero since 2022

Kristi Perreault is a Principal Software Engineer at Liberty Mutual Insurance, where her focus is serverless-first development and enterprise enablement. She has been working in the tech industry professionally since 2017, holds an M.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering specializing in cloud computing & IoT, and is very passionate about promoting women in technology.

Kristi organizes the Serverless Denver user group as part of ServerlessDays, co-organizes CDK Day, and writes extensively about serverless and diversity on her and Medium blog sites. You’ll find her speaking about embracing and scaling serverless first initiatives on dozens of podcasts, webinars, conferences, and meetups both virtually and on stage. Kristi can be found discussing serverless and women in technology on Twitter at @kperreault95.

Outside of work and the serverless tech space, Kristi is an east coast USA native, but can be found today in the mountains of Colorado hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or doing just about anything else outdoors.

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