Kurt Lee, Tech Lead at Vingle

 Seoul, Korea

 Hero since 2019

Kurt Lee works at Vingle Inc. as their Tech Lead. As one of the original team members, he has been involved in nearly all backend applications at Vingle. Most recently, he led Vingle’s full migration to serverless, cutting 40% of the server cost.

He’s known for sharing his experience of adapting serverless along with its technical and organizational value through Medium. He and his team maintain multiple open-source projects, which they developed during the migration.

Kurt hosts TechTalk@Vingle regularly, and often presents at AWSKRUG about various aspects of serverless and pushing more things to serverless.

Even though he loves Typescript and Node.js, his main interest has always been building better software. Thus, he’s not limited by language or frameworks. He has a variety of experiences such as Objective-C, C++, AngularJS and even Media Arts.


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