Linda Mohamed

AWS Communiy Hero

 Linda Mohamed

 Vienna, Austria

 Hero since 2023

Linda has been navigating the tech landscape for over a decade. She is currently at EBCONT where her primary focus and specialization is in Cloud Technologies, IT Process Optimization, and Agile Methodologies. When she is not guiding companies on their cloud journey, she is diving into AI/ML Services and Technologies, and sharing her insights at AWS community events and other tech platforms.

Beyond her professional commitments, Linda is deeply involved in Women in Tech initiatives, advocating for greater representation and inclusivity. Her particular interest in Women in AI is just one facet of her broader advocacy.

In Vienna, she is the familiar face behind AWS meetups and other community gatherings, creating a welcoming space where every voice is valued and heard. When she is not deep in tech, you might find her juggling or sketching out a new drawing.

In addition, Linda holds the title of Chairperson for the AWS Community DACH Support Association and is an active member of a Funding Advisory Board.

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