Mayank Pandey

AWS Community Hero

 Mayank Pandey, Cloud Architect & Teacher

 Melbourne, Australia

 Hero since 2022

Mayank Pandey is a cloud architect and teacher, helping both small and large organizations in their cloud adoption journey. His ability to bring forth technical cloud concepts in an easy-to-understand style has made him a go-to person for professionals trying to learn and make a career in cloud.

Mayank began his journey with the AWS Cloud in 2012 and led the development of an end-to-end data warehousing and analytics product on AWS. He has worked with enterprises around topics including cloud automation, IaC, and cloud security. He holds Professional & Specialty AWS Certifications and handles assignments including security & cost optimization on AWS, and cloud-native applications.

Mayank is passionate about teaching and has done several classroom and online trainings. He is an active member of the AWS community and contributes with hands-on demos and video tutorials to the YouTube channel - KnowledgeIndia. The YouTube channel has over 65,000 subscribers and 150+ videos on various AWS topics. Tutorials include topics such as VPC, AWS Transit Gateway, and Amazon ECS.

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