Michael Walmsley

AWS Serverless Hero

 Michael Walmsley, Lead Technology Architect at Accenture

 Melbourne, Australia

 Hero since 2023

Michael is a Lead Technology Architect in the myWizard®️ Automation Group at Accenture, where he is focused on building Event-Driven Products in the cloud. He has been delivering weekly internal training on AWS Serverless technology called, “Serverless Works!” at Accenture since 2021 when he was asked to “Come and Teach us how to do Serverless."

He is excited by the AWS Powertools open-source projects and has been using and actively contributing to the projects since 2020. He writes about his experiences building with AWS on his knowledge portal dedicated to Serverless Technology - Serverless DNA.

Michael is a passionate AWS Community member in Australia, supporting local meetups and conferences. He helps organise and run the AWS Programming and Tools Meetup in Melbourne, which focuses on running monthly hands-on training workshops open to everyone!

You can find Michael on LinkedIn, Twitter, Mastodon, and multiple Slack and Discord communities where he is actively engaged and ready to share with everyone.

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