Mike Fiedler

AWS Container Hero

 Mike Fiedler, Director of TechOps at Warby Parker

 New York, USA

 Hero since 2018

Mike is over two decades into this mess called “work”, and has worked with a staggering amount of amazing people, from whom he’s learned and hopefully grown. He’s also taught a few people some things here and there. Currently Director of TechOps at Warby Parker, he is an alum of Capital One (Paribus), Datadog, Magnetic, MongoDB, to name a few.

An early adopter of AWS technologies, he's looked to the container world to provide solutions that meet the ever-growing demands of the business, while keeping the ability to develop and deliver on-time at the forefront.

He's spoken at DevOpsDays on how to adapt AWS ECS to extend features, and has worked with some of the solutions teams to explore newer ways of accomplishing high-quality.

He can be found on Twitter at @mikefiedler or at a roller derby game wearing stripes - he’s been officiating roller derby referee since 2008.


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