Nathan Glover

AWS Community Hero

 Nathan Glover, Platform Engineer at First Mode

 Perth, Australia

 Hero since 2019

Nathan is a Platform Engineer at First Mode in Perth, Western Australia. Prior to that he worked as a Senior DevOps Consultant at Mechanical Rock and as a Hardware Systems Designer and Embedded Developer in the IoT space. In his role he enabled developers to iterate on ideas faster by building out repeatable patterns for testing & deploying to the edge.

He is passionate about Cloud Native architecture and loves sharing his successes and failures on his blog. A key focus for him is breaking down the learning barrier by building practical examples using Cloud services. On top of these he has a number of online courses teaching people how to get started building with Amazon Alexa Skills and AWS IoT.

In his spare time, he loves to dabble in all areas of technology; building cloud connected toasters, embedded systems, vehicle tracking, and competing in online capture the flag security events. He’s also the technical director for WA Animals Inc. and has built out a number of projects for managing historically tedious form processing in a serverless way.

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