Pascal Martin

AWS Container Hero

 Pascal Martin, DevOps Lead at Bedrock

 Lyon, France

 Hero since 2020

Pascal Martin is DevOps Lead at Bedrock, where he has helped move an entire video streaming platform to AWS, running applications in containers on Kubernetes. He now focuses on scalability, resiliency, and cost efficiency, still leveraging Kubernetes and its ecosystem, managed services, and serverless. He writes about this adventure in “Le Plan Copenhague” (FR).

He has been a PHP developer, lead developer, trainer, and consultant at both startups and small or big companies. He has worked on web projects of all sizes, on intranet reporting or analysis applications, on e-commerce sites, and in culture and media companies. That’s when he started streamlining developer experiences with Docker, and saw the power of containers for running applications in production.

He loves sharing his knowledge and experience and sometimes writes on his blog. He has also authored or co-authored PHP-related books such as “Développer une Extension PHP” and “PHP 7 avancé”. These past few years, he has spoken about resiliency, Kubernetes, and the cloud at several meetups and conferences, including AWS Summit Paris, MixIT Lyon, and Forum PHP.

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