Ran Isenberg

AWS Serverless Hero

 Ran Isenberg, Principal Software Architect at CyberArk

 Kfar Saba, Israel

 Hero since 2023

Ran Isenberg is a principal software architect at CyberArk, where he designs and builds serverless services. Ran is a serverless advocate passionate about CI/CD and AWS CDK.

Ran maintains a blog where he shares his knowledge and experience in the serverless world and thoughts about technology in general.

Ran contributed several utilities to the AWS Lambda Powertools open-source project, and maintains numerous serverless related open-source projects on his GitHub account. One of these projects is the AWS Lambda cookbook – a serverless service template that gets you started in the serverless world with all of the best practices in seconds.

Ran shares his knowledge at dozens of conferences, podcasts, webinars, and meetups, and publishes the recordings on his blog. Ran regularly shares his blog posts and new projects on his Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

On a personal note, Ran is a proud father of two boys, an amateur barista, and plays the electric guitar.

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