Ran Ribenzaft

AWS Serverless Hero

 Ran Ribenzaft, CTO at Epsagon

 Tel Aviv, Israel

 Hero since 2019

Ran Ribenzaft is the Chief Technology Officer at Epsagon, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner that specializes in monitoring and tracing for serverless applications. Ran is a passionate developer that loves sharing open-source tools to make everyone’s lives easier and writing technical blog posts on the topics of serverless, microservices, cloud, and AWS on Medium and the Epsagon blog.

Ran is also dedicated to educating and growing the community around serverless. He organizes Serverless meetups in SF and TLV, delivers online webinars and workshops, and frequently gives talks at conferences. Ran welcomes anyone who wants to learn more about building on serverless. Whether you need help taking your first steps getting started with serverless or you want to dive in to complex architectures, he invites you to contact him through Twitter and start a conversation.

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