Rosius Ndimofor

AWS Serverless Hero

 Rosius Ndimofor, Software Developer at Serverless Guru

 Douala, Cameroon

 Hero since 2021

Rosius is a software developer at Serverless Guru, a leading serverless consulting firm that helps guide Fortune 100+ companies with accelerating serverless adoption, serverless migrations, and growing serverless teams.

Rosius has been building desktop, web, and mobile apps for various customers for 8 years. In 2020, Rosius was introduced to AWS by his friend and co-organizer of the local AWS User Group. After their first meetup, Rosius was hooked. He started learning as much as he could about building AWS serverless applications while sharing newly acquired knowledge on his blog.

Rosius is particularly interested in serverless services under compute and application integration layers. You can find Rosius speaking at local monthly AWS meetup events, in AWS Community Voices video shows, and at company monthly webinars. Building serverless web or mobile applications and documenting the entire process on his blog is his forte.

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