Serkan Özal

AWS Serverless Hero

 Serkan Özal, CTO and Founder of Thundra

 Istanbul, Turkey

 Hero since 2020

Serkan Özal is the CTO and founder of Thundra, a serverless-centric debugging, monitoring, and security solution for applications. He has 10+ years of expertise in software development and is a Ph.D. candidate at METU. He is an AWS DevOps Pro Certified Engineer and has a patent on distributed environments. He mainly works on serverless architectures, distributed systems, and monitoring tools.

For years, Serkan has published some of his work as open-source tools and libraries on his GitHub account to be used and contributed to by the community. Serkan writes technical blog posts both on his Medium account and the Thundra blog regularly. He also actively shares his thoughts (mostly about AWS, serverless, and monitoring), research, and works on many social media platforms—you can contact him through Twitter to talk about serverless, microservices, monitoring tools and distributed systems, or to just say “Hi”.

In addition to his responsibilities at Thundra, Serkan speaks at international conferences and moderates serverless workshops. He’s also a co-organizer of the Cloud and Serverless Turkey Meetup and was part of the team that organized ServerlessDays İstanbul in 2019.

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