Sheen Brisals

AWS Serverless Hero

 Sheen Brisals, Senior Engineering Manager at The LEGO Group

 London, United Kingdom

 Hero since 2020

Sheen is a Senior Engineering Manager at The LEGO Group and is actively involved in the global serverless community. Being part of the team, Sheen mainly focuses on architecting serverless solutions, working with engineers to deliver features, and guiding and coaching engineers with their career progression.

Sheen’s engineering career started during the early 90s. He has held several positions at leading software organizations over his long career, and his desire to always keep up to date with emerging technologies is what brought him to the cloud and serverless.

Sheen loves being part of serverless conferences and enjoys sharing knowledge with community members. He talks about serverless at many events around the world, and his insights into serverless technology and adoption strategies can be found on his Medium channel. You can find him tweeting about serverless success stories and technical thoughts at @sheenbrisals and connect with him on Linkedin.

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