Amazon AppFlow Documentation

Point and click user interface

You can use AppFlow to set up data flows without coding. A point and click user interface enables you to select your data sources and destinations, configure optional transformations and validations, and run your flow.

Flexible data flow triggers

AppFlow enables you to run data flows to do bulk transfers or tests, set up a routine schedule, or run flows in response to business events.

Native SaaS integrations

AppFlow includes integration with the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications used for business operations.

Field mapping

You use the AppFlow interface to map source and destination fields together through bulk mapping, or map each field one at a time. For data flows with a large number of fields, you can also upload a csv file to map many fields.


High scale data transfer

Amazon AppFlow enables you to transfer records, leads or tickets - all while running a single flow.

Enterprise grade data transformations

AppFlow enables you to perform data transformations like mapping, merging, masking, filtering, and validation as part of the flow itself. For example, you can validate that data is in the right numeric format, merge first and last names, or mask credit card details.

AWS PrivateLink reduces the exposure of data to the public Internet. For SaaS applications that have PrivateLink enabled, AppFlow creates and configures private endpoints so you can keep your data private.

Custom encryption keys

Data flowing through AppFlow is encrypted at rest and in transit, and you can encrypt data with AWS keys, or bring your own custom keys.

IAM policy enforcement

With AppFlow, you can use your existing AWS identity and access management (IAM) policies to enforce permissions and keep access consistent across your organization. With IAM policies, application administrators can create and manage data flows.

Built in reliability

Amazon AppFlow is built to prevent single points of failure. Amazon AppFlow takes advantage of AWS scaling, monitoring, auditing, and billing features.

Additional Information

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