AWS Budgets Documentation

AWS Budgets is designed to enable you to set a budget that alerts you when you exceed (or are forecasted to exceed) your budgeted cost or usage amount. You can also set alerts based on your Reserved Instance (RI) Utilization and Coverage using AWS Budgets. AWS Budget Actions, is also designed to enable you to configure specific actions to respond to cost and usage status in your accounts, so that if your cost or usage exceeds or is forecasted to exceed your threshold, actions can be executed programatically or with your approval to reduce unintentional over-spending. 

AWS Budgets gives you access to a number of filtering dimensions (e.g., AWS Service, Availability Zone, and Member Account), and allows you to create budgets that are tracked on various cadences.

AWS Budgets integrates with multiple other AWS services, such as AWS Cost Explorer, so you can view and analyze your cost and usage drivers, AWS Chatbot, so you can receive Budget alerts in your designated Slack channel or Amazon Chime room, and AWS Service Catalog, so you can track cost on your approved AWS portfolios and products.

Additional Information

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