Amazon Chime Voice Connector Documentation

SIP Trunking

Standard-based Session Initiation Protocol (SIP): Amazon Chime Voice Connector is designed to be compatible with SIP-based Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs), cloud calling solutions, and Session Border Controller (SBCs).

Outbound Calling:  Per-minute rates apply for calling from your business phone system to over 115 countries. You can use Amazon Chime Voice Connector for just outbound calling or with inbound calling.

Inbound Calling: Callers can reach your phone system extensions through Direct Inward Dial (DID) and toll-free telephone numbers. You can use Amazon Chime Voice Connector for just inbound calling or with outbound calling.

Elastic Scaling: Amazon Chime Voice Connector is designed to elastically scale to help support fluctuating call volumes, such as unexpected or seasonal spikes. You do not need to purchase bursting capacity or over-provision concurrent call paths.

Pay-as-you-go pricing: Pay only for what you use. You pay by-the-minute for inbound and outbound calls and monthly for phone numbers (for inbound). 

Connectivity: Amazon Chime Voice Connector is designed to support fault-tolerant, cross-region inbound and outbound call routing to and from your phone system. 

Encryption and Authentication: You can use encryption for calls between your phone system and AWS. Amazon Chime Voice Connector supports TLS to encrypt SIP signaling and SRTP to encrypt media streams. You can choose between IP whitelisting and SIP Digest to authenticate SIP messages.

Network Access: You can access your Amazon Chime Voice Connector over AWS Direct Connect or your Internet connection. Using AWS Direct Connect, you can establish private connectivity between AWS and your datacenter, office, or colocation environment. 

Phone Number Management and Porting: You can manage your phone number inventory, order new numbers, and review pending transactions using the Amazon Chime console, AWS SDK, and AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). You can keep your existing phone numbers by having us port them from your previous service provider.

Setup: You can start using your SIP trunks quickly using the Amazon Chime console or AWS SDK. There are no service orders needed and no trunk set-up charges. Use the AWS SDK to perform and automate administrative tasks such as creating Voice connectors, setting parameters, and managing phone numbers for moves, adds, changes and deletes; for example, when on-boarding new employees.


Voice Analytics: You can quickly build call audio analytics applications like transcription and sentiment analysis by integrating with Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Comprehend and other Machine Learning (ML) libraries.  

Phone Call Analytics: Amazon Chime Voice Connector SIP trunking is designed to support phone call analytics 

Amazon Chime SDK Support

Audio Conference Dial-in: You can use Amazon Chime Voice Connector for dial-in for meetings that you create using the Amazon Chime SDK.

Application Integration: Use your own Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application to capture meeting PIN and passcode information to pass to the Amazon Chime SDK.

Phone Numbers: Create your own personalized meeting dial-in numbers. Toll-free and toll numbers are supported.

Proxy Phone Sessions

Keep communication within your service

Amazon Chime proxy phone sessions allow you to help enable your users to contact each other without requiring users to share their personal phone numbers.

Automated number management and scaling

Amazon Chime proxy phone sessions provide phone numbers on-demand from our phone number pool, so you do not have to build the complicated logic to ensure you have the right numbers for each interaction. 

Additional Information

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