AWS CodeBuild Documentation

AWS CodeBuild is a managed continuous integration service. CodeBuild will run build scripts for compiling, testing, and packaging your code based on your specified settings. There are no servers to provision and scale, or software to install, configure, and operate.

Build and test your code

AWS CodeBuild runs your builds in preconfigured build environments that contain the operating system, programming language runtime, and build tools (e.g., Apache Maven, Gradle, npm) required to complete the task.

You can define the specific commands that you want AWS CodeBuild to perform, such as installing build tool packages, running unit tests, and packaging your code. The build specification is a YAML file that enables you to choose the commands to run at each phase of the build and other settings. CodeBuild helps you get started more quickly with sample build specification files for common scenarios, such as builds using Apache Maven, Gradle, or npm.

Preconfigured & Customized build environments

AWS CodeBuild provides build environments for software languages and frameworks including Java, Python, Node.js, Ruby, Go, Android, .NET Core for Linux, and Docker.
CodeBuild also enables you to bring your own build environments.  Also, you can select the compute type that is best suited to your development needs. You can choose from three levels of compute capacity that vary by the amount of CPU and memory. This lets you choose higher CPU and memory compute if you want your builds to complete faster, or if your builds require a minimum level of CPU and memory to complete.  CodeBuild supports Linux and Windows operating systems.
AWS CodeBuild’s on-demand compute and pay-as-you-go model enables you to build and integrate code more frequently, helping you find and fix bugs early in the development process when they are easier to fix. You can integrate CodeBuild into your existing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflow using its source integrations and build commands.

Additional Information

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