Amazon Timestream Documentation


Amazon Timestream is a fast, scalable, and serverless time series database service for IoT and operational applications that is designed to help you to store and analyze trillions of events per day up to 1,000 times faster than traditional relational databases. Amazon Timestream can help saves you time and cost in managing the lifecycle of time series data, and its query engine lets you access and analyze recent and historical data together with a single query. Amazon Timestream has built-in time series analytics functions, helping you identify trends and patterns in near real-time. Amazon Timestream is serverless and scales up or down to adjust capacity and performance, so you don’t need to manage the underlying infrastructure.

Serverless scaling architecture

Amazon Timestream features a decoupled architecture where data ingestion, storage, and query can scale independently, allowing it to scale for an application’s needs. With Amazon Timestream, you don’t need to manage infrastructure or provision capacity. Data ingest and query scale based on your workload.

Data storage tiering

Amazon Timestream helps simplify your data lifecycle management with a memory store for recent data and a magnetic store for historical data. The memory store is designed for fast point in time queries, and the magnetic store is designed for fast analytic queries. With Amazon Timestream, you don’t need to configure, monitor, and manage a complex data archival process. You can simply configure data retention policies to move data from the memory store to the magnetic store, and to delete it from the magnetic store when it reaches a certain age.

Adaptive query engine

Amazon Timestream’s adaptive query engine allows you to access data across storage tiers using a single SQL statement. It is designed to transparently access and combines data across storage tiers without requiring you to specify the data location.

Built-in time series analytics

Amazon Timestream supports time series analytics and defines time series as a native data type. It supports advanced aggregates, window functions, and complex data types such as arrays and rows.

Always-encrypted data

All data in Amazon Timestream is encrypted. Amazon Timestream also enables you to specify an AWS KMS customer managed key (CMK) for encrypting data in the magnetic store.

Amazon Timestream integrates with a selection of commonly used services for data collection, visualization, and machine learning. You can send data to Amazon Timestream using AWS IoT Core, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon MSK, and open source Telegraf. You can visualize data using Amazon QuickSight, Grafana, and business intelligence tools through JDBC. You can also use Amazon SageMaker with Amazon Timestream for machine learning.

Additional Information

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