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The Financial Services industry is highly regulated, with an increasing need to break the trade-off between compliance and innovation. With the surge in data and new business models, managing security, risk, and compliance have become increasingly complex, driving requirements for enhanced security mechanisms, complex financial calculations, and advanced analytics to simulate evolving market conditions. Faced with the limitations of their on-premises agility, storage, and computing capabilities, financial institutions of all sizes—fintech startups, hedge funds and asset managers, insurers, commercial banks, and global investment banks, among others—are working with AWS and its AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners to become more agile, cost-effective, and customer-centric.

With APN Partner solutions, organizations like yours can solve complex business problems, improve performance and risk management capabilities, and extend their on-premises grids to the cloud or build cloud-native infrastructures to run when they are required, while saving significant procurement and maintenance costs.


Monitor and secure application deployments and map cloud control requirements against FFIEC, NY DFS, PCI-DSS, etc.


Secure solutions in the credit or market risk area, including FRTB and Model Risk Management.


Enable compliance with financial services regulation, including Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT), MiFID 2 and AML, and ease regulatory reporting.

Solution:  Risk Grid

Accenture’s Grid solution on AWS helps financial organizations meet the ever-increasing challenge of balancing regulatory compliance with customer needs and business growth, while improving cost efficiency. Find out how your organization can manage increased volume and complexity of risk calculations to meet increased stress test demands and prepare for FRTB —while staying compatible with current risk platform strategies and retaining full data security.

Webinar Title: Transform Your Risk Systems for Greater Agility with Accenture & AWS
Accenture Presenter: Graeme Hughes, Managing Director, Accenture Consulting - Financial Services
AWS Presenter: Peter Williams, Global Technology Lead

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Solution: Continuous Compliance

CTP’s Continuous Compliance service keeps organizations like yours up-to-date on the status of your compliance and where you need remediation. Designed for quick set-up, the service offers highly automated data collection, proactive identification, dashboard-level reporting, and escalation of identified compliance risks and failures. Join this webinar to learn how CTP and AWS work together and how you can benefit from Continuous Compliance.

Webinar Title: Achieving Continuous Compliance with CTP and AWS
CTP Presenter: Brian Ott, VP of Managed Cloud Control Service
Customer Presenter: Ann Neidenbach, CIO, Cowen
AWS Presenter: Peter Williams, Global Technology Lead

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Solution: Model Risk Validation

Domino Data Lab and AWS helped Moody’s Analytics accelerate the pace of data scientists’ innovation without consuming IT or engineering resources, or compromising security. Learn how a central, cloud-based data science platform helped Moody’s accelerate research, gain seamless governance of the modeling process, and drive more credit ratings to market faster and with greater accuracy.

Webinar Title: Moody’s Analytics Accelerates Modeling with Domino Data Lab & AWS Technology
Domino Presenter: Mac Steele, Director, Product
Customer Presenter: Jacob Grotta, Managing Director, Risk Measurement, Moody's Analytics
AWS Presenters: Pratap Ramamurthy, Partner Solutions Architect

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Solution: Prescriptive Analytics - Xpress Optimization

FICO helps financial services companies manage risk, mitigate fraud, build more profitable customer relationships, optimize operations, and meet strict government regulations through tailor-made solutions for money-laundering, fraud, and terrorist financing, while fulfilling custom requirements for governance, risk, and compliance.

Webinar Title: Four Areas Where Prescriptive Analytics is Driving Performance in Banking
FICO Presenter: Matt Stanley, Analytic Segment Leader
AWS Presenters: Nitin Gupta, Global Head, Financial Services Partners

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Solution: Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Bribery

Actimize technology quickly identifies anomalous behavior allowing real-time, cross-channel fraud, anti-money laundering, bribery, corruption, and trade surveillance detection while exceeding your regulatory compliance requirements. Find out how your organization can take a holistic approach to safeguard against risks in payments, cybercrime, sanctions, market abuse, corruption, and insider trading, while ensuring customer due diligence, with NICE Actimize and AWS.

Webinar Title: Guard Against Fraud and Financial Crime with NICE Actimize & AWS
NICE Actimize Presenter: Micah Willbrand, Director, Anti-Bribery and Corruption
AWS Presenters: Amit Jha, Global Account Solutions Architect

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Solution: Regulatory Reporting

GFT’s regulatory reporting service on AWS helps financial institutions manage, transform, and store data securely. With support from AWS, GFT offers innovative flexibility, transparency of regulatory data requirements, and proactive management of regulatory data reporting in a cloud-based solution.

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Solution: Risk Analytics

Financial Risk Analytics by IHS Markit provides a range of financial risk management solutions on a single, integrated, yet modular platform. The solutions deliver support for counterparty credit risk requirements, pricing valuation adjustments and the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB), and can be deployed on the AWS cloud.

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Solution: Multi-Factor Anti-fraud and Authentication

Pindrop multi-factor anti-fraud and authentication solution helps banks, insurers, and retailers by using patented technology that extracts an unrivaled amount of intelligence from every call encountered, and detect fraudsters and authenticate callers. Pindrop's integration with AWS Connect helps call centers seamlessly reduce fraud and operational cost.

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