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Paolo Latella

Boyan is the Director of Platform Engineering at Sixt, where he is working on a next generation mobility ecosystem. He is a passionate cloud architect with a lot of experience in distributed systems, self-healing applications and microservices platforms. Before joining Sixt, Boyan was the Platform Automation Lead at Hailo where he worked on Hailo 2.0 - a global microservices platform.

Boyan has been an AWS user since 2008 and in the past years has helped several small and large businesses benefit from running their workloads on the cloud. He is a frequent speaker at AWS meetups and Summits, sharing design patterns for developing and operating highly scalable cloud-native solutions. A devoted Golang enthusiast, Boyan has maintained one of the most popular AWS SDKs in Go, helping the community to utilize AWS services.

Outside of work, Boyan enjoys spending time with his young family, doing martial arts or going on skiing trips. If you want to have a discussion on cloud architecture, software development or any other random topic, you can follow him on Twitter via @nathariel. Alternatively you can find some of his latest talks on