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Larry Ogrodnek

Larry Ogrodnek has been a professional software developer for 15 years working in security, networks, ad-tech and high volume web services. He considers himself a futurist programmer and has built world-class development teams and scalable systems at multiple startups.

Larry has spent the last 6 years as an engineering leader at Bizo, a data-driven marketing platform recently acquired by LinkedIn. Larry is a founding member of the Bizo engineering team where he began building Bizo on AWS from day one (2008!). He continued to utilize almost every AWS service as it became available and loves to shut down systems when new AWS alternatives present themselves. Early on the team at Bizo used to brag about the leverage AWS provided by saying they had "more datacenters than engineers." In addition, Larry is the co-founder and organizer of the Advanced AWS Meetup group in SF which was the first group dedicated to topics for companies running AWS at scale.

Larry enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and loves hacking on electronics. His personal blog advertises itself as “the intersection of sandwiches, technology, and beer culture.” Larry is also passionate about public transportation, art, and connecting the digital and analog worlds.