Posted On: Feb 24, 2021

AWS Training and Certification is excited to announce two new courses for Media Services: Media Supply Chain: Video Processing and Delivery and Introduction to AWS Media Services by Use Case. These digital courses are designed for organizations and individuals seeking to build cloud-based media workflows. 

Media Supply Chain: Video Processing and Delivery is a free 60-minute digital course that offers a 1-hour introduction to help you understand how content is streamed over the internet. You’ll finish this course with a better understanding of the key stages and components of the Media Supply Chain as well as the terminology needed to understand cloud-based media workflows. Enroll now.

Introduction to AWS Media Services by Use Case is a free 45-minute digital course that uses real-world examples to help you understand which AWS Media Services are right for your particular business needs. This course will help you understand the variations in workflows, variables to consider, and new technical skills required. Enroll now.