AWS Copilot

AWS Copilot is the easiest way to launch and manage your containerized application on AWS

AWS Copilot is a command line interface (CLI) that enables customers to quickly launch and easily manage containerized applications on AWS. AWS Copilot provides a simple declarative set of commands, including examples and guided experiences built in to help customers deploy quickly. After writing your application code, Copilot automates each step in the deployment lifecycle including pushing to a registry, creating a task definition, and creating a cluster. Default application types are provided for new applications based upon AWS best practices to increase developer productivity and simplify running containers in the cloud. All you need to spin up production ready services is AWS Copilot, an AWS account, and your code. AWS Copilot is generally available.


Architecture, not infrastructure

You should spend your time writing your application, not wiring up the infrastructure to get it running. With Copilot, you choose what type of service (common application stacks you're trying to build) and we'll set up the infrastructure for you.

Simple and powerful config

Copilot provides a simple manifest file to manage and tune your application. Copilot has all the most common knobs you'll need to operate your application in one file. Update the memory field and deploy to increase the memory available to your application.



All you need is a Dockerfile and Copilot will get you set up with the right infrastructure for your application.

Set up your own application:

copilot init


Copilot can provision multiple deployment environments for you, such as testing and production environments. Additionally, Copilot can set up a CI/CD pipeline to automatically deploy your application to these environments.

Set up your own pipeline:

copilot pipeline init


Each service in your application has its own alarms, metrics, and logs. Copilot gives you a single place to dive into those stats and logs.

Check your service's status:

copilot svc status

“Enterprise customers are in need of Devops transformations and TCS is constantly innovating solutions that focus on bringing end-to-end traceability of business initiatives through its development, test and deployment life-cycle. In the light of the meteoric rise of containers in today’s Microservices world, having a capability like AWS Copilot empowers developers to rapidly deploy their containerized applications and the required infrastructure including storage in an automated fashion - ruling out human error.”

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“AWS Copilot utility gives much needed impetus to fast track customer containerization journey. Wipro will leverage Copilot as standard launch and deployment tool for container application and integrate it into Wipro’s Smart Container platform which would further help to automate customer containerization journey. Our deep knowledge on AWS cloud migration and modernization augmented with Copilot will help us to create unique container-based offering which will lower the overall cost for migration and speed up customer cloud adoption.”

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“As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Capgemini is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud and digital. This includes providing our enterprise clients the best services offered by AWS for containerization. In this case, AWS Copilot is a great asset for an enterprise leveraging a container-based set-up that wants to accelerate their cloud journey. AWS Copilot will help enterprises that aspire to move away from manual set-ups and deployments of containers.”

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“AWS Copilot enables Cognizant, an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner, to drive application modernization at scale by leveraging the broad services offered by AWS for Containers. Cognizant uses AWS Copilot to reduce the time to realize the business value of cloud-native application development, migrating, and modernizing legacy applications to the cloud.”

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"We firmly believe that AWS Copilot will help accelerate an enterprise's container adoption journey on cloud and will simplify ECS setup so that developer can primarily focus on application code. AWS Copilot will provide complementary functionality to the Infosys Modernization Suite and we are in the process of seeding it in some of our key migration engagements across verticals."

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"The amazing thing about Copilot is that it allows us to create a production-ready ECS environment that comes pre-integrated with other components necessary for production workloads like CI/CD pipelines, all with ease and the barest minimum resources to prepare beforehand."

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AWS Copilot is now generally available
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