AWS Elemental MediaLive is a video processing service that enables video providers to encode high-quality live video streams for delivery to broadcast televisions and multiscreen devices. Used as a standalone service or integrated with other AWS Media Services, AWS Elemental MediaLive lets you build flexible 24x7 live video workflows or create event-based live streams with full control over encoding parameters.

Key features

Comprehensive Video Standards Support

Encode live streams using common video formats
AWS Elemental MediaLive supports a broad range of video industry standards used to input, output, and archive live video. It includes support for the latest codecs - the compression standards used for video, like H.264 and HEVC - and media communication protocols - the standards used to send video over the internet, like Real Time Protocol (RTP) or HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). You can read about all the standards AWS Elemental MediaLive supports in our documentation.


Broadcast Capabilities for Live Video Streams

Configure a broadcast-grade live viewing experience
AWS Elemental MediaLive uses technology from AWS Elemental that has been proven over many years by leading broadcast and internet video providers. AWS Elemental MediaLive supports broadcast features like ad markers, closed captions, multiple language audio tracks, audio descriptors, and FCC-mandated loudness correction.

Automated Resource Provisioning

Easy configuration of live video channels
AWS Elemental MediaLive manages the encoding resources needed to deliver high-availability live video streams, so you can focus on your content, not your encoding infrastructure. It automatically deploys encoding resources and manages scaling, healing, resiliency failover, monitoring, and reporting. With a few clicks in the AWS Elemental MediaLive management console, you can launch fully configured live video channels in minutes.

Automated High Availability

Redundancy and automatic scalability for live video
Each live video channel you create with AWS Elemental MediaLive runs on redundant infrastructure distributed across physically separated Availability Zones. The service monitors encoding resources for health and automatically replaces any degraded components without disrupting your channels. Resources scale elastically with demand, assuring a consistent service for your viewers.

Flexible Workflows

Flexible functionality for one-time events or around-the-clock live streams
AWS Elemental MediaLive lets you build flexible 24x7 linear workflows or event-based live streams. The service makes it simple to output a mix of live video streams at different resolutions and bitrates to meet the requirements of the devices in the hands of your viewers.

Use Independently or with other AWS Media Services

Built-in integration with other AWS Media Services, or deploy on its own
As one of the AWS Media Services, you can choose to use AWS Elemental MediaLive as a standalone service or integrate it with AWS services for video-on-demand (VOD) processing, just-in-time packaging, ad personalization and monetization, or media-optimized storage. A typical integration would be to tie AWS Elemental MediaLive to our packaging and server-side ad insertion services for the core video workflow. Additionally, other AWS services, such as the Amazon CloudFront CDN, offer seamless interoperability with AWS Elemental MediaLive.


  • What is real-time live video encoding?

    In a video processing workflow, an encoder compresses a video stream—taking high-quality video as an input, and outputting smaller-sized versions—with as little loss as possible to the resulting picture quality. While this is a complicated task when working with pre-recorded video files, for live video it is made even more difficult as the video processing needs to work in real-time: the encoder must be powerful enough to produce exactly one second of video every second it runs without fail so that viewers see an uninterrupted video stream.

  • Who can use AWS Elemental MediaLive?

    AWS Elemental MediaLive is designed to meet the needs of all types of video providers. Video is increasingly important to companies from small businesses to global enterprises, as well as government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and schools, all of which can use AWS Elemental MediaLive to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their video operations. Companies in the media and entertainment industry, including film and TV studios, broadcast networks, pay TV channels and system operators, programming distributors, internet service providers, online video platforms, and professional sports leagues and teams, can all benefit from AWS Elemental MediaLive as part of their broadcast, streaming, and over-the-top video offerings.

  • Why should I choose AWS Elemental MediaLive over an on-premises live encoding solution?

    AWS Elemental MediaLive gives you more flexibility than an on-premises live encoding solution, and a higher availability live video workflow than is possible on-premises. It enables push button deployment of live channels and handles resource provisioning, service orchestration, scaling, healing, resiliency failover, monitoring, and reporting. To achieve the same result with on-premises solutions requires planning, procurement, installation, provisioning, configuration, setup, testing, and troubleshooting that can take weeks, months, or even years before going into production. AWS Elemental MediaLive enables users to set up a channel in minutes and does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes to provision and start the various resources required. Plus, pay-as-you-go pricing gives you financial flexibility that you can’t get with any on-premises solution.

  • Why should I choose AWS Elemental MediaLive over other cloud-based live encoding services?

    AWS Elemental MediaLive gives you access to a broadcast-grade feature sets and complete control over encoding settings. Other cloud-based live encoding services don’t do this: they primarily use open source or third-party codecs for encoding, support limited codecs, resolutions, and formats and don't have a comprehensive broadcast feature set for live streaming. AWS Elemental MediaLive is built with industry-leading technology from AWS Elemental that is best-of-breed for encoding and supports standard codecs (MPEG-2, AVC, HEVC, etc.), resolutions (SD, HD), and broadcast features (ad insertion using the SCTE35 standard, captioning, audio descriptors, loudness correction, etc.). AWS Elemental MediaLive is easy to use and scales with AWS resources globally.

  • Is AWS Elemental MediaLive a standalone service or is it dependent on other services?

    AWS Elemental MediaLive can work as a standalone service or within a larger video workflow that includes other AWS Media Services. AWS Media Services are a family of services that form the foundation of cloud-based video workflows, which offer customers the capabilities they need to create, package, and deliver video, all accessible through the AWS Management Console and APIs. Working together with other AWS services, AWS Media Services offer a complete solution for processing and delivery of live or on-demand video content to consumers around the world, cost efficiently and with high quality.
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