AWS Partner Engagement Principles

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is an integral part of our commitment to providing customers of all sizes, in any industry around the world, with the most advanced, reliable, and secure cloud services. We recognize that AWS Partners are uniquely qualified to help customers accelerate their journey to the cloud, to innovate, and take full advantage of the breadth and depth of AWS. Partners choose to work with AWS because we will, and have always, approached our partner relationships in a way that provides opportunities for them to grow their businesses and deliver on our shared obsession to meet customer needs. This is why everything we do with partners is grounded in our AWS Partner Engagement Principles. These are the values and best practices through which we work with our partners every day. Our principles for partnering include:

1. Security

Security has always been our highest priority at AWS. We respect and protect the privacy of our customers and partners and we always obtain customer and partner consent before sharing any information. We do not share partners’ private information with other partners, and we never use a partner’s private information to compete against them.

2. Customer Obsession

The customer always comes first for AWS and for our partners. We make recommendations based on what is best suited for the customer, whether it is an AWS offering or a partner solution. When a customer prefers a partner solution over an AWS offering, we listen to our customers and honor their decision.

3. Partner Obsession

AWS uses custom tools to speed up the partnering process, ensuring that information shared between AWS and our partners is private, secure, and accurate to quickly provide customers with exactly what they need. When we’re collaborating with a partner on a lead opportunity, we communicate often, set clear expectations, and share any changes in a timely manner.

4. Just the Facts

We take a fact-based approach when recommending solutions to customers. As we work with partners to develop recommendations for our shared customers, we compare partner solutions factually, based on publicly available information or information provided by the partners. We respect customers’ decisions and work to support them fully, no matter the solution they choose.

We believe that partners are central to the success of AWS and the success of our customers. Since we established the AWS Partner Network, the AWS Partner Engagement Principles have acted as guideposts as we collaborate with partners and we continue to live by these principles every day to earn trust and build successful outcomes with our partners.

Last updated: October 2021