Posted On: Nov 27, 2020

Today, we are excited to announce additional capabilities with Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer. You can now use Code Maintainability detector to identify smells early, balance between speed and technical debt, and coordinate software development and maintenance efficiently.

This new detector identifies code quality issues and generates recommendations associated with five types of metrics. Metrics include: (1) method source lines of code, which measures the number of lines of code in a method; (2) method cyclomatic complexity, which measures decisions that are made in a method; (3) method fan out, which measures how many methods are called by a given method; (4) class fan out, which measures how many other classes are referenced by a given class; (5) class cohesion, which measures whether a class is designed with a single, well-focused purpose.

Amazon CodeGuru is a developer tool powered by machine learning that provides intelligent recommendations for improving code quality and identifying applications’ most expensive lines of code. Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer helps improve code quality by scanning for critical issues, identifying bugs, and recommending how to remediate them. 

For more information about automating code reviews and application profiling with Amazon CodeGuru check out the AWS ML Blog. For more details on how to get started visit the documentation.